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Goods lift with passenger from Translyft

Goods lift with attendant

This allows the people responsible for handling of goods to travel with the goods.

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Hidral goods lift from Translyft

Goods lift

Transport your material from one level to another in an efficient and safe manner. 

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Hidral vehicle lift  from Translyft

Vehicle lift

Transfer a car or other vehicles between level - e.g. for apartment buildings or offices with parking garage. 

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Hidral lift for disables from translyft

Accessibility lift

Ensure accessibility for people with disabilities in areas with stairs. 

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Translyft loading bay ramp

Loading bay

For smaller level differences between vehicle and a permanent loading ramp. 

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Translyft goods lift with scissor construction

Work platform

For people, tools, and materials. Get access to difficult places and improve working conditions.

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Translyft goods lift in factory

Scissor construction goods lift

For lifting safely between mezzanines and different levels.

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The right lifting solution 

As an architect or construction advisor, you are always up for exams, and you are never better than your last project. This applies regardless of whether you are working on new constructions, renovations, or remodelling projects. To create well-functioning and succesful projects, on the one hand, you must understand the customer's wishes and needs. But you must also be able to advise on how to combine the building's components and the solutions in the best possible way based on the given functional, aesthetic. and economic framework.

One of the areas that is a part of more and more construction projects is lifting solutions. This applies regardless of whether it is factory buildings, cultural institutions, public buildings, educational institutions, office buildings or other. In practice, lifting solutions can be in the form of personnel lifts, goods lifts, handicap lifts, lifting tables, loading bays or much more.

With the right lifting solutions, you can increase and improve the value of a building on a wide range of parameters:

  • Accessibility
  • Ergonomics / work environment
  • Job satisfaction
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Future readiness 
Architect drawing a building with TRANSLYFT lift

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The best of both worlds 

Lifting solutions may not be what you deal with most as an architect or construction advisor. Therefore, it is good news for all consultants that they only need to look in one place to solve all their needs for lifting solutions. 

Two of the leading companies in the European market for lifting technology are the Danish company Translyft and Spanish Hidral. The two companies have entered into a strategic collaboration that makes life easier for consultants and architects.

While Translyft are specialists in al types of lifting tables and other solutions that can contribute to improving the work environment, efficiency, and hygiene in productions invironments, Hidral are specialists in developing larger elevator solutions for moving people and goods  both on the inside and outside of buildings. 

With this partnership, we combine the best of two worlds. And we ensure that you as a consultant can solve all the lifting tasks that may be in your next project with only one supplier. In addition, the collaboration also offers great benefits when it comes to the following service and operation of the building. 

Hidral and Translyft work together

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