Customized ergonomics is the key to healthy employees and productivity

In the food industry many things simply have to be done by hand. Because the ingredients aren’t one size fits all. Because the processes are ever-changing. Because humans are instrumental to world class quality. 

But doing it by hand doesn’t mean doing it alone or without help.

Customized hydraulic solutions that fit your exact need are the key to:

  • a better working environment
  • a more effective production
  • a human-centered machine-supported company

At Translyft we find and produce the solutions that fit your need. With more than 55 years of experience and an ongoing innovative approach we are the number one choice if you want a solution that suits your needs for ergonomics, hygiene and customization.

We’re simply the number one choice for hydraulic solutions in the food industry.

translyft picture of butcher leaning on meat
translyft hygienic design lifting table

Hygienic Design lifting table

Made for lifting - built for easy washing and superior hygiene.

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translyft pallet lifter with pallet and boxes

Pallet lifter

Palletizing and depalletizing has never been easier - we offer 3 different solutions.

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Roll Cage Lifter

Load and unload roll cages easy and ergonomic.

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translyft swingloader


Spend your time working the product instead of unloading it.

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translyft linear actuated lifting table

Linear actuated lifting table (Spindel)

Keep the production rolling and flexible with precision and endurance.

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translyft manual work platform

Manual work platform

It’s not always the product that needs a lift. Sometimes it’s you.

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As hygienic as you need it to be

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There isn’t one hygienic standard. There are many, depending on e.g the sort of production and the place in the production chain. At Translyft we work with 3 categories – and an endless number of possible adjustments:


Basic Limited washing and/or no hygiene needs


Need for washing but low contamination risk


High demand for hygiene, washing and food safety

”Translyft's use of 304 stainless steel for both the lift and guarding withstands our continually wet environment. The lift is reliable and is an important part of our process.”

Facilities Manager, Kerry Foods

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Injury reduction is good for business. And there’s a lot you can do

According to The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Britains national regulator for workplace health and safety, more than 30 % of the injuries in the food and drink industry are related to manual handling such as: 

  • stacking/unstacking containers 
  • pushing wheeled racks 
  • handling drinks containers 
  • packing products 
  • cutting, boning, jointing, trussing and evisceration 

In Britain alone this sums up to around 1,700 acute injuries every year. And that’s just the number of injuries that are reported to HSE. 

Research from HSE furthermore indicates that positive steps by management could have prevented injury in about 70% of all incidents (not just those related to manual handling) – and that action by workers could have prevented another 10%. 

And just as important. A reduction in the number of injuries isn’t just good for the health and safety of the employees. It’s good for business as well due to reduced costs, higher productivity, higher employee satisfaction, increased trust and a better reputation.

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Every lift is unique

At TRANSLYFT we are passionate about customized solutions. In fact, 9 out of 10 of the lifts we supply are custom-built to meet our customer’s specific requirements. 

We are passionate about hygienic design as well and we keep on innovating – because it’s not just about the materials but about the construction and the easiness of everyday use and cleaning.

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